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What are bizshortz?

bizshortz are high quality video packages that promote your business. These 1-2 minute mini-documentaries showcase your company, utilizing you, your employees, or a script with professional voice-over talent, to tell your story in a compelling way. Get your message out to the masses, and increase in-store and online sales with a bizshort! 

Why do I need a bizshort video?

Businesses have increased their sales up to 50% through the use of online bizshortz video. Today, online search engines, video sharing sites and virtual “yellow pages” not only provide consumers with information on how to get to you, but can offer up a convincing way to “seal the deal” as they’re deciding which store or online site to visit to make their purchase! 

Short video that pops out of the online clutter!

Yin-Yang Yogurt

Maison Midi

Jellyfish Discovery

Avita Co-op

Success Story!

Find out how D.O.G Dog Boutique increased in store sales by 20% and online sales by 50% using tvkevin productions bizshortz!

Cafe Beau Soleil

BD&J Law Firm